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Terms and conditions:

Dear Parents Please Note The Following

  • Annual Registration Fee Rs. 999/- only and is non-refundable.
  • If you are not continuing tuition for consecutive two(2) months, your registration shall be cancelled.
  • Inform all the suspended activities to the Tutor Aid about the tutor otherwise the Tutor Aid will not be responsible for any agony.
  • If any complain about the “Service” Please inform immediately on Mobile No. +91-9155000055 / +91-9155007777
  • Payment to be made in advance by Cash to our Executive only.
  • If you make payments to the tutors without the prior permission of Tutor Aid, we will not be responsible for the particular payment
  • Please do not try to settle with teachers directly because that type of teacher would never be loyal to you and all these things give a negative impact on you and on your child too. According to a survey in 95% of fraud or cheating cases teachers were settled directly and clients have to suffer, we don't take any responsibility in that cases. (Good Teachers are Costly but Bad Teachers Costs More)
  • *"Tutor Aid" is authorized to publish my photographs.
  • Please remember to attach student’s last report card, progress report (if available)
  • This Agreement shall be subject to Jurisdiction of courts of Ranchi only.
  • We give our full effort to provide you a best tutor, please be loyal to us, Thank You.

    Dear tutors Go through our Terms & Conditions before joining Us

  • Annual Registration fee Rs. 499/- only and is non-refundable. The Registration fee is Refundable if Tutor Aid is unable to provide any assignment for next three(3) months from the date of registration.
  • 60% of the first month’s fee will be charged as commission & 13 % per month till class lasts. 35 % commission will be charged for package based/Short term courses. 70% of the monthly tuition fees will be deducted in case of termination of tuition in first month or in case of any misbehaviour etc.

    {Note : - If any tuition provided to you continues for the next year (after completing one session) or any new tuition provided/referred by OUR CLIENT, the tutor has to pay the commission as applied in above mentioned condition.}

  • Payment will be collected by the executives of Tutor Aid. No tutor is allowed to take the fee from parents.
  • Maximum of two chances will be given to the tutor to prove themselves. Future assignments will solely depend on the performance of the tutor.
  • Tutor should inform Tutor Aid before taking any leave.
  • Tutor Aid adheres to the highest standards of academic strictness in all its work any lapse on the part of the tutor will lead to the immediate elimination of his/her name from Tutor Aid database.
  • In case of any fraud by the tutors with any client or with Tutor Aid then we are free to take legal action against him/her.
  • Tutors are requested to please update us immediately about their present address and mobile number if changed.
  • Tutors are requested to be punctual & should be decently dressed while visiting to any client for trial or regular class. *"Tutor Aid" is authorized to publish my photographs.
  • Tutor Aid reserves the right to modify or add any rule.
  • Lady tutors should take care of herself about her safety while taking the classes as they have to go students home.
  • This Agreement shall be subject to Jurisdiction of courts of Ranchi only.
  • The tutor needs to submit the following documents at our office and mail(tutoraid.in@gmail.com):

    Remember : No Registration Means No Assignment.

  • Two passport size photographs.
  • Copy of your address proof (For e.g. Driving license, Passport, Voter’s ID card)
  • Copy of Your Aadhaar Card
  • Copy of your Secondary and Senior Secondary mark sheets.
  • Copy of your Latest degree and mark sheets.
  • Annual Registration Fee for tutor Rs. 499/- Only.

    Annual Registration Fee for Student Rs. 999/- Only.

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